User Interface Engineer Intern

California, Remote
Posted 2 years ago

The laboratory and database for psychonautic exploration and discovery


Psynautics is designed for psychonautic exploration and discovery. We are researchers testing the hypothesis that particular altered states of consciousness result in particular insights and experiences that are reproducible, and that these states can be reliably attained through particular induction methods. We believe that if we can collect more data on the way different altered state induction mechanisms affect people’s subjective experience, we will be able to provide people with useful information about how particular substances or practices will influence their state of consciousness. At the heart of the Psynautics web app is the session, where users can directly contribute to and explore this psychonautic research database.


The founders of Psynautics are seeking interns to help them re-design the Psynautics research platform using a “no-code” or “low-code” solution. Some degree of experience with programming, particularly with Python, is expected, and some experience using no-code or low-code solutions is preferred. Interns will be compensated depending on their level of experience, availability to work on the project and commitment to the project.

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Job CategoryScience
LocationLos Angeles, Remote
RoleResearch Intern

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