Whether you’re walking down the street or lounging with a group of close friends, you’ll notice some similarities. Consider taking a look around you, and chances are, everyone has their phones in their hands. If that’s not the case, you’ll likely be able to spot their phone within an arm’s reach of them.

Continuous technological advancements have disrupted the world. Smartphones and the likes have taken over our lives in an all-consuming way. Think about it this way: if you want to find out information about a company, what do you do? Your first instinct is probably to Google it on your phone. There was once a time when people would refer to something known as the yellow pages. However, most young people today probably don’t even know what yellow pages mean.

Most people assume this is a scathing indictment of technology. However, that’s not true. Technology’s making people’s lives easier and more convenient, and businesses that don’t want to cease operations need to adapt to it.

Hence, that brings us to website development and design. A sleek, well-designed website has never been more essential than today. Not only do customers use your website to find more information about your business, but they also form their opinion about your company after skimming through it. According to statistics, 75 percent of customers state they develop a judgment about a firm’s credibility after looking at its website. Therefore, in today’s digitalized world, you need a website that’s both functional and well-designed.

How Website Design and Development Impact Your Psychedelic Drug Business

Let’s assume you’re running a psychedelic medicine business. You might not have considered the importance of an artistic website design. However, the reality is that having a well-designed website can make or break your business. Here’s how:

Easy Navigation

In many ways, your website is the first stop for many prospective customers. They’ll visit your website to learn more about your company. If your website’s lackluster, they’ll refrain from investing any more time in your business. You’ll want to ensure that doesn’t happen. Therefore, you need a website optimized for performance and well-designed. Surveys show that customers expect websites to load within 2 seconds. If your website takes longer, you’re risking losing customers.

Enhance Your SEO Ranking

You might have noticed when you enter words within a search engine, particular results appear. If you’ve ever wondered what’s the deciding factor behind the search engine displaying certain websites, it’s something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is becoming more vital by the day. SEO is crucial for businesses because it helps you attract more customers. Therefore, the higher your SEO ranking, the more eyes you’ll attract.

You might be wondering how SEO relates to website design and development. A well-designed and optimized website contributes significantly to higher SEO ratings, thereby raising your chances of ranking higher. The higher your SEO rank, the more customers you attract.


Increase Sales

Businesses focus on maximizing profit at every turn. To generate profits, you need sales, and E-commerce is becoming invaluable for organizations in today’s day and age. Since 2020, E-commerce sales have grown exponentially due to extenuating circumstances. Customers like purchasing goods and services online because it’s convenient. However, if your business website doesn’t offer simplicity, customers will refrain from shopping online with you. If that happens, you can lose out on a high volume of sales. Therefore, you’ve got to ensure your website’s design and development supports E-commerce activities.


Increase Your Business Success with Online Activities

Businesses aim to maximize profits, and online sales are becoming a significant contributor to business success. Therefore, investing in website design and development is more crucial than ever. However, website design can be expensive. Most businesses skimp on design. However, thanks to us, your psychedelic drug business doesn’t need to cut corners.

Businesses often require assistance and additional capital to help them grow to the next stage. If that’s the case for your psychedelic medicine company, we can help you.

The Conscious Fund is a psychedelic venture capital fund that invests in psychedelic medicine companies. We’re actively looking to fund plant-based medicine companies and products from early-stage startups.

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