Over the past few years, entrepreneurs, investors, and stockholders from the business community have been keenly interested in the psychedelic medicine market. The market is expected to grow more than 10 billion by 2027. Psychedelic companies are working to make psychedelic medicine commercially accessible to treat conditions like PTSD, depression, and chronic pain.

Creating a startup in today’s market is no smooth sailing, and working in an unconventional market for psychedelics is more complicated. Here are some common psychedelic startup issues you may face and how you can navigate them:

Hiring the Right Employees

Your business company is only as good as your employees. Hiring the right people is critical for your business operation. Your psychedelic medicine startup will require specialists in their roles and carry the company’s vision and objectives. You could either lookup for startup support groups or work closely with your HR to hire the right people.


One of the most common issues your psychedelic venture is likely to face is a lack of sufficient funding. It is crucial to remember that funding for a business company isn’t a one-time necessity; instead, it’s an ongoing requirement. In such cases, you can count on psychedelic investors or psychedelics venture capital funds to invest in your business company.


As your company grows, hierarchies are built. Although it’s important for business efficiency, it often reduces communication with employees of lower ranks. You can hold regular meetings and sessions to communicate with your workers and resolve internal issues to overcome this challenge.

Market Competition

The US is the biggest financial center on the globe. Many young entrepreneurs are searching for opportunities to open up their psychedelic startups and be at the forefront of the psychedelics industry operations in the future. The growing number of competitors is nothing to be afraid of. Instead, it’s an indicator of the increasing demand in the market. This can serve as a significant opportunity for your company to be more innovative and stand out in the market.

At The Conscious Fund, we are focused on investing in early-stage ventures in psychedelic medicine to help them find their ground in this competitive market. We don’t just provide venture funds to plant-based medicine companies but also help overcome hurdles.

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