Product | People | Potential – our chat with The Conscious Fund

We caught up with Henri Sant-Cassia, founding Director at The Conscious Fund, a global investor in early-stage ventures within psychedelic medicine, helping deliver better outcomes for mental health, addiction, and pain.

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The Psychedelic Revolution with Henri Sant-Cassia

Today, Xander sits down with Henri Sant-Cassia to discuss how The Conscious Fund is trying to solve the mental health and addiction crisis through the use of plant medicine. Learn more.


Top psychedelic VCs predict a tech boom and rise of clinics over the next year

We asked the top 11 VCs in the psychedelics space: what’s in store for the next year? Four told us we can expect to see more clinics and ancillary businesses that help build out the industry.Learn more.


Meet the top 11 VCs who’ve bet the most cash on turning MDMA and magic mushrooms into medical treatments

2020 was a booming year for the psychedelics industry. Money swept through the private side of the space as big names like Atai closed record-breaking rounds of funding and more companies entered, hoping to take part in what could become a $100 billion market, according to a May 2020 report from Canaccord Genuity.
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Microdose Psychedelic Insights Closes Oversubscribed Financing Round

Microdose Psychedelic Insights, a privately held media company, announced today that it has closed a seven figure oversubscribed round, Charlie Finnie, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Therapeutics joins as a board member.
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Psychedelic Capital Technologies Panel: Virtual Reality and Personalized Dosing

Microdose Psychedelic Insights hosted the latest iteration of its Psychedelic Capital event series last Wednesday. Introduced by Microdose CEO Patrick Moher and Richard Skaife, co-founder of the Conscious Fund, the conference began with a quick recap of industry news related to capital markets, including ATAI’s long-awaited IPO, and all time stock price highs for Cybin.
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How psychedelics became a pharma darling

There’s a room at a clinic in San Francisco, California that seems particularly well guarded. To get into it from outside, you have to open three locks. The building is outfitted with alarms and cameras. Inside, there’s a substance that dozens of companies are betting will be a major frontier in medicine.
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First Female-founded Psychedelic Biotech Company Launches

Aphrodite Health, a first-of-its-kind biotech company in the rapidly emerging multibillion dollar psychedelic medicine sector, launches today. Founded by women, and focused on addressing women’s mental and physical health with psychedelic enhanced treatments. The company has developed a two pronged approach, with a long term drug discovery program to bring an FDA approved drug to market.
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Psychedelic IPOs build momentum as Atai Life Sciences goes public

Making its Wall Street debut, Peter Thiel-backed Atai Life Sciences has become the third biotech company focused on psychedelic treatment for mental health disorders to list on a major US stock exchange.
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Microdose MDMA Panel: Business, Markets, and Regulation

Microdose Psychedelic Insights held the MDMA Conference, the latest in its virtual Molecular Masterclass series, on Tuesday, June 15. The event focused on the intersection of scientific, legal, business, and cultural issues surrounding MDMA. It’s a timely discussion, as a growing body of new evidence is mounting for MDMA’s clinical efficacy in treating conditions such as PTSD and alcoholism.
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Buchanan and The Conscious Fund launch Partnership

Buchanan, a WPP-owned financial communications advisory, and The Conscious Fund, the most active early-stage investor in the psychedelic medicine sector, are pleased to announce a partnership to support the burgeoning psychedelic medicine sector.
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First Female-founded Psychedelic Biotech Company Launches

Aphrodite Health, a first-of-its-kind biotech company in the rapidly emerging multibillion dollar psychedelic medicine sector, launches today. Founded by women, and focused on addressing women’s mental and physical health with psychedelic enhanced treatments. The company has developed a two pronged approach, with a long term drug discovery program to bring an FDA approved drug to market.
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Female-founded Psychedelic Biotech Company Aphrodite Health Launches with a Focus on Women’s Mental and Physical Health

Aphrodite Health, a new biotech company in the rapidly emerging multibillion dollar psychedelic medicine sector, launches today. Founded by women, and focused on addressing women’s mental and physical health with psychedelic enhanced treatments, the company has developed a two pronged approach, with a long term drug discovery program to bring an FDA approved drug to market.
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Aphrodite Health Is Here To Shift The Narrative: The First Psychedelics Company ‘For Women, By Women’

The psychedelics industry is expanding rapidly, with dozens of new companies emerging over the last two years. While psychedelic drugs and the mental health issues companies hope to treat with them are experienced by people of all races and genders, the vast majority of psychedelic executives don’t reflect that diversity.
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First Female-founded Psychedelic Biotech Company Launches

The company’s all-female founding team and C-Suite also comprises powerhouse executives including Chief of Staff Vestaen Balbuena, who is also a Senior Associate of funding backers The Conscious Fund. Balbuena states, “In venture capital today, less than 5% of founding teams include diverse founders. It’s important that we level the playing field so fifty percent of our portfolio includes underrepresented entrepreneurial teams. With this in mind, I am delighted to join Aphrodite Health as a co-founder and proud to be part of the team that is blazing a new trail in supporting women’s healthcare needs.”
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Aphrodite Health, All-Female Founded And Managed Psychedelics Company Launches, Will Focus On Helping Women

Aphrodite Health, a first-of-its-kind biotech company in the emerging multibillion-dollar psychedelics medicine industry, launched on Friday. Founded and operated by women, Aphrodite will focus on women’s mental and physical health with psychedelic enhanced treatments and a long-term drug discovery program to bring FDA-approved drugs to market.
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Psychedellux June 4, 2021

Privately-held Gwella Mushrooms Inc. closed on its oversubscribed financing round with some of the industry’s top firms, including The Conscious Fund, Vice Ventures, Palo Santo, Ambria Capital and Vine Ventures, as well as several other investors contributing an additional $1.5M strategic investment.
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Enveric Biosciences Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire MagicMed Industries

With this acquisition, Enveric will expand and complement its pipeline of naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds with a robust portfolio of psychedelic-derived molecules.
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Drug developer uses RWE to research psychedelic therapies

The UK-based development and research firm hopes to accelerate patient access to psychedelic therapies for treatment of various mental health conditions.
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PSYC Provides an Update on Its Investment into The Conscious Fund

Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink: PSYC) (“Global Trac” “PSYC” or the “Company”) the first publicly traded digital media company within the emerging sector of medicinal psychedelics, is pleased to provide its shareholders with an update on the Company’s investment in The Conscious Fund (the “Fund”), an early-stage venture capital fund focused on the emerging sector of medicinal psychedelics.
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Heroic Dose Event Explores Promise of Psychedelic Medicine for Veterans, Military & Servicemen and Women

Microdose Psychedelic Insights, along with Entheon Biomedical Corp., Bexson Biomedical, HavnLife and The Conscious Fund, present the Heroic Dose. The Heroic Dose will commence on 22nd April at 8:45 am EST. This one-day virtual conference explores the use of psychedelic therapies for military veterans and first responders in an effort to combat the alarming rates of PTSD, substance abuse and suicide in this valuable yet underserved demographic.
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Is it Possible to Create an Ethical Psychedelics Company?

Like Turnbull, many of the major figures in the psychedelic community say they’re not against patents for truly novel inventions regarding psychedelics. Doblin, during the Ethical IP panel, said that though MAPS has had an anti-patent strategy, it is still deciding whether or not it is “ideologically opposed” to patenting.
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Henri Sant-Cassia: Access and Psychedelic Capitalism

Sound investment, market intelligence, and balanced perspective are Henri’s keys to psychedelics access. As a venture capitalist, he’s involved in several for-profit and non-profit plant medicine initiatives and brings his perspective to our conversation about the lessons psychedelics can learn from cigarettes, why we’re unlikely to see a recreational psychedelics investing boom, and the problem with demonizing corporate capitalism in psychedelics.
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Former NHL enforcer Daniel Carcillo has started a psilocybin company to help people with brain injuries

It doesn’t take Daniel Carcillo long to drop the gloves, metaphorically speaking. “I’m a no-bullshit type of person,” says the former NHLer and now CEO of Wesana Health, a Chicago-based life science company. “I will hold people accountable, organizations accountable, for past transgressions, and I’ll fight for the survivors. That’s what I do. That’s what I did in my career: I sacrificed myself for the good of the team. That’s what I continue to do with Wesana.”
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How The Conscious Fund Is Changing Perceptions About Psychedelics

UK-based venture capital fund The Conscious Fund wants to change how we think about psychedelics. The fund invests in early-stage life sciences ventures with a focus on the emerging psychedelic medicine space — specifically, those companies focused on mental health, addiction, and pain.
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An ex-Blackhawks player’s quest to treat brain injuries with psychedelics

Daniel Carcillo retired from the NHL in 2015, not long after he sustained his seventh concussion. As a member of two Stanley Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks teams in 2013 and 2015, Carcillo was an enforcer, regularly doling out hits and checking the opposition into the boards.
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MEC Signs RTO Definitive Agreement To Acquire Albert Labs, A European Psychedelic Drug Researcher & Developer

Albert Labs leverages Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies across Europe to accelerate access to its proprietary psilocybin-based therapy for patients with urgent, unmet needs.
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MagicMed Industries Announces Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Thought Leaders and the Launch of PsyAI™

MagicMed Industries Inc. (CSE: MGIC reserved) (“MagicMed” or the “Company“) announced today a collaboration among the Company, Dr. Suran Goonatilake and Dr. Eric Nyberg, renowned thought leaders in artificial intelligence (“AI“). Together the parties are building PsyAITM, a tool designed to provide comprehensive, pharmaceutical design, manufacturing, pharmacology predictive and validating methodologies in an effort to modernize psychedelic medicine.
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February’s Psychedelic Capital Investigates Institutional Vs Retail Investor Impact

Microdose Psychedelic Insights (“Microdose”), a leader in B2B psychedelic intelligence, to present in a partnership with The Conscious Fund the most active VC in psychedelic space, the next edition of Psychedelic Capital.
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The Conscious Acquisition Company

Exchange Listing, LLC and The Conscious Fund announce their partnership and the creation of The Conscious Acquisition Company. The new venture is a range of Special Purpose Acquisition Company’s (SPACs) aimed to create long-term value in psychedelic medicine.
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Proclinical Executive and The Conscious Fund Partner to Boost Psychedelic Start-Ups

Psychedelic medicine start-ups are set to benefit from a newly-formed partnership between life science executive search specialists, Proclinical Executive, and venture capital investors, The Conscious Fund.
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The Future of Mental Health and Addiction Therapy: Why Capital is Flowing into Psychedelics

Psychedelics is one segment of the healthcare industry that is rapidly researching and developing transformative products that may have the potential to provide treatment to those suffering from mental illnesses, addiction, and other often overlooked and stigmatized conditions.
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Psilocybin startup visualized by NHL enforcer and Blackhawk champ raises $4 million

Co-founded by two-time National Hockey League (NHL) champion-turned mental health advocate Daniel Carcillo and cannabis serial entrepreneur Chad Bronstein, Wesana will allocate fresh funding towards the use of psychedelics in the treatment of traumatic brain injury.
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GHP Noetic Science-Psychedelic Pharma and Diamond Therapeutics Announce Proposed Qualifying Transaction

GHP Noetic Science-Psychedelic
Pharma Inc. (TSXV:PSYF.P) (“GHP”), a capital pool company, and Diamond
Therapeutics Inc. (“Diamond”), a psychedelic drug development company focused on low-dose therapies for mental health, are pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent dated effective February 2, 2021 (the “LOI”).
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Bexson Biomedical Raises $4.8 Million In Oversubscribed Series A

Bexson Biomedical, Inc., a research-stage company developing a subcutaneous ketamine treatment platform for pain management and mental health disorders, announced today that they closed a $4.8 million Series A round of financing. Learn more.


Meet The Top 14 Psychedelics Startups

To put together this list, we reached out to companies on our list from last year, used data provided by PitchBook, and asked investors JLS Fund and The Conscious Fund for information on startups in the space that are gaining investor interest. Learn more.


Emptying The Notebook

Daniel Carcillo‘s activism in his post-playing career has been well-documented, but his new venture is perhaps his most fascinating yet: CEO and founder of a psychedelic medicine company. Learn more.


Wesana Health Closes $4 Million Convertible Note Round

The $4 million round, led by The Conscious Fund and Ambria Capital, LLC, provides funding to support the Company’s entry into the emerging psychedelics space. Learn more.


From NHL Enforcer To CEO: Daniel Carcillo’s New Company Wants To Treat Traumatic Brain Injury With Psilocybin

The newest CEO in the psychedelics space is a former NHL enforcer who wants to treat traumatic brain injury with psilocybin. Learn more.


Global Trac Solutions, Inc. CEO, David Flores sits down to speak with Co-Founding Partner at The Conscious Fund, Henri Sant-Cassia.

David and Henri take some time to discuss the reason behind finding The Conscious Fund, and what they will be working on to push forward in the coming year on the latest episode of Psychedelic Spotlight.


PSYC Strengthens Its Position Within the Emerging Psychedelic Sector Through Investment Into Capital Fund

Global Trac Solutions, Inc. a digital media leader within the emerging sector of medicinal psychedelics, is pleased to announce it has completed an initial investment into The Conscious Fund.


MEC Announces Letter of Intent To Acquire Albert Labs, A European Psychedelic Drug Researcher & Developer

ME Resources Corp. is pleased to announce that it has entered into a letter of intent with Albert Labs Inc.


MagicMed Completes Upsized, Oversubscribed Private Placement

MagicMed has completed an upsized and oversubscribed $8.1 million private placement, with investors including The Conscious Fund


Universal Ibogaine engages The Conscious Fund as strategic advisor

“We are excited that TCF will be involved with UI as a key strategic advisor as we continue to build out our business plan, and undertake our pending go-public process,” said UI CEO Jeremy Weate.

Due Diligence Critical for Emerging Psychedelics Space

As the potential of psychedelics continues to bring new investors to the sector, a group of experts examined the amount of research needed before putting money into the market.



New Wave: To Provide Sponsorship for the Documentary “The World on Drugs”

They are proud to support the novel efforts by the Microdose team to explore psychedelics and mental health across borders and through a rich, diverse lens.

Proactive ONE2ONE Virtual Investor Forum, Investing in Psychedelics, The Path to Big Pharma Webinar

Proactive Investors Present One2One conference on Psychedelics featuring The Conscious Fund, MagicMed and Field Trip.

‘An Evolution Of What’s Possible:’ Panel Explores Blurring Of Psychedelics And Technology

Although the speakers focused on how technology can enhance a psychedelic experience or make one more accessible, they stressed that tech should not supplant natural substances.

“An Evolution of What’s Possible:” Panel Explores Blurring of Psychedelics and Technology

The panel discussion was part of a larger “Psychedelic Capital” webinar presented by Microdose Psychedelic Insights, a company that coordinates events focused on the psychedelic industry.

5 Ways Technology Is Powering The Psychedelic Movement

Thousand-year-old treatments are being fueled by future innovations.

Microdose Presents Psychedelic Capital – A Virtual Investment Conference Highlighting Prominent Industry Players

This online event programming is dedicated to providing investment grade information for the nascent psychedelic sector and presents a curated group of CEOs, financial experts, thought leaders and investment luminaries from around the globe.


Psychedelics association to bridge medical establishment and industry gap

Leaders in the field of psychedelic medicine have joined forces to create the global Psychedelic Medicine Association (PMA), which aims to bridge the gap between the medical establishment, patients, and the industry.

Investment Fund Seeks Cultural Reset for Psychedelics

As the psychedelics investment community begins to come into focus, one association is working to create an all-around hub for investors looking to enter the space.

Ketamine Media Creates Strategic Partnership With Microdose Psychedelic Insights for the Ketamine Conference – a Molecular Masterclass

Ketamine Media, the first digital agency dedicated to raising awareness for the clinical use of ketamine, announced today the launch of a new strategic partnership with Microdose Psychedelic Insights for their upcoming Ketamine Conference – A Molecular Masterclass

The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass

The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass is set to take place today, featuring a host of experts in the delivery of ketamine therapy for resistant conditions such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Psychedelics M&A Could be Motivated by FOMO

One business lawyer focused on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) expects to see large entities, such as pharmaceutical companies, enter the psychedelics space sooner rather than later.

Stigma Podcast #63 – Psychedelic Focused VC: The Conscious Fund with Richard Skaife

Micro-dosing with Zeifmans: Short podcasts demystifying the business of psychedelics

Join Zeifmans Partner, Larry Zeifman, and weekly guest thought leaders in the psychedelics space, for a 6 part series, on exploring the business of psychedelics. New episode drops every Wednesday.

Psychedelic Masterclass Spotlights Ketamine as a Novel Mental Health Medicine

Microdose Psychedelic Insights, along with Bexson Biomedical, The Conscious Fund, and Ketamine Media presents The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass, a two-day virtual conference.

The Conscious Fund seizing early-stage opportunities in psychedelic medicines

The Conscious Fund’s Henri Sant-Cassia tells Proactive London’s Andrew Scott they’re looking at plant-based medicines with the current focus being on psychedelic medicines – including drug discovery plays and clinic plays around mental health and addiction.

The Conscious Fund eyes opportunity in psychedelic medicine space

The fund is currently focusing on compounds such as magic mushrooms, ketamine and MDMA as possible treatments for mental illness and addiction

The Conscious Fund’s Richard Skaife looks ahead to Psychedelic Capital investor event

Four companies will be presenting – HAVN Life, MindSet Pharma, Field Trip and Pure Extractions.