Due Diligence Critical for Emerging Psychedelics Space

As the potential of psychedelics continues to bring new investors to the sector, a group of experts examined the amount of research needed before putting money into the market.

Recent Momentum Shows Psychedelic Medicine “Isn’t a Pipe Dream”

“It’s shown to the world what insiders have known for a long time — that this vision of bringing psychedelic medicine to the world isn’t a pipe dream, it’s very real and it’s happening now,” Hoyos said.

‘Psychedelics renaissance’: Startups turning magic mushrooms into medicine are racing to go public

“I think valuations are going to start reflecting that sooner rather than later,” said Hoyos, who added that he thinks the valuations of some of the companies that have gone public as of late haven’t reached their maximum potential yet.

New Wave: To Provide Sponsorship for the Documentary “The World on Drugs”

They are proud to support the novel efforts by the Microdose team to explore psychedelics and mental health across borders and through a rich, diverse lens.

Proactive ONE2ONE Virtual Investor Forum, Investing in Psychedelics, The Path to Big Pharma Webinar

Proactive Investors Present One2One conference on Psychedelics featuring The Conscious Fund, Magic Med and Field Trip.

‘An Evolution Of What’s Possible:’ Panel Explores Blurring Of Psychedelics And Technology

Although the speakers focused on how technology can enhance a psychedelic experience or make one more accessible, they stressed that tech should not supplant natural substances.

“An Evolution of What’s Possible:” Panel Explores Blurring of Psychedelics and Technology

The panel discussion was part of a larger “Psychedelic Capital” webinar presented by Microdose Psychedelic Insights, a company that coordinates events focused on the psychedelic industry.

5 Ways Technology Is Powering The Psychedelic Movement

Thousand-year-old treatments are being fueled by future innovations.

Microdose Presents Psychedelic Capital – A Virtual Investment Conference Highlighting Prominent Industry Players

This online event programming is dedicated to providing investment grade information for the nascent psychedelic sector and presents a curated group of CEOs, financial experts, thought leaders and investment luminaries from around the globe.

This Wearable Ketamine Device Could Be The Future Of Pain Management

Michael Hoyos… says Bexson’s biggest advantage is its target market. “Bexson is interesting because a lot of companies… are focusing on mental health, but they are one of the few companies looking at pain management…”

Psychedelics association to bridge medical establishment and industry gap

Leaders in the field of psychedelic medicine have joined forces to create the global Psychedelic Medicine Association (PMA), which aims to bridge the gap between the medical establishment, patients, and the industry.

Investment Fund Seeks Cultural Reset for Psychedelics

As the psychedelics investment community begins to come into focus, one association is working to create an all-around hub for investors looking to enter the space.

Ketamine Media Creates Strategic Partnership With Microdose Psychedelic Insights for the Ketamine Conference – a Molecular Masterclass

 Ketamine Media, the first digital agency dedicated to raising awareness for the clinical use of ketamine, announced today the launch of a new strategic partnership with Microdose Psychedelic Insights for their upcoming Ketamine Conference – A Molecular Masterclass

The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass

The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass is set to take place today, featuring a host of experts in the delivery of ketamine therapy for resistant conditions such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Psychedelics M&A Could be Motivated by FOMO

One business lawyer focused on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) expects to see large entities, such as pharmaceutical companies, enter the psychedelics space sooner rather than later.

Stigma Podcast #63 – Psychedelic Focused VC: The Conscious Fund with Richard Skaife

Micro-dosing with Zeifmans: Short podcasts demystifying the business of psychedelics

Join Zeifmans Partner, Larry Zeifman, and weekly guest thought leaders in the psychedelics space, for a 6 part series, on exploring the business of psychedelics. New episode drops every Wednesday.

Psychedelic Masterclass Spotlights Ketamine as a Novel Mental Health Medicine

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – July 30, 2020) – Microdose Psychedelic Insights, along with Bexson Biomedical, The Conscious Fund, and Ketamine Media presents The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass, a two-day virtual conference.

The Conscious Fund seizing early-stage opportunities in psychedelic medicines

The Conscious Fund’s Henri Sant-Cassia tells Proactive London’s Andrew Scott they’re looking at plant-based medicines with the current focus being on psychedelic medicines – including drug discovery plays and clinic plays around mental health and addiction.

The Conscious Fund eyes opportunity in psychedelic medicine space

The fund is currently focusing on compounds such as magic mushrooms, ketamine and MDMA as possible treatments for mental illness and addiction

The Conscious Fund’s Richard Skaife looks ahead to Psychedelic Capital investor event

Four companies will be presenting – HAVN life, MindSet Pharma, Field Trip and Pure Extractions.