Once a risky investment, the psychedelic medicine industry now provides a promising opportunity for psychedelic investors to benefit and help in delivering better treatment outcomes for people suffering. Psychedelic drugs such as psilocybin and MDMA are showing encouraging results in treating mental health diagnoses such as depression, eating disorders, and addiction.

Psychedelic medicine stocks are healthcare stocks that focus on mind-altering medicines that help treat mental health disorders and chronic pain.

Let’s take a closer look at why so many investors are eager to invest in psychedelic stocks here.

The Increasing Mental Health Crisis

Nearly 47 million people in the US are diagnosed with mental illness, and the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has only worsened the condition. These staggering statistics show that the world is officially battling a major mental health crisis.

The loss of productivity due to mental health issues is likely to cause a loss of over $16 trillion by 2030. Psychedelic medicine ventures provide a viable treatment option for all people suffering from a severe mental health disorder.

Poor Treatment Options

Another reason many investors are investing in the psychedelic industry is the lack of effective treatment options that can lead to enormous economic destruction.

The available treatments for mental health disorders such as PTSD, addiction, and anorexia nervosa only have mediocre efficacy. The withdrawal symptoms further lead to depression. Psychedelics, therefore, provides a wide-open opportunity for investors and medicine startups to gain the forefront in this growing market.

Trailblazing Opportunity

Investors are always looking for a new market opportunity to get in early and reap its benefits. Currently, psychedelics medicine therapy is getting a lot of attention and hype, due to which dozens of investors are flocking to invest and be a part of this emerging multi-billion dollar industry.

Superior Treatment Results

The psychedelics plant-based medicine research is expanding into the healthcare and other treatment fields. These researches and studies also lead to a change in the government and society’s perception of psychedelic drug treatment.

At The Conscious Fund, we invest in psychedelic medicine companies. We are a psychedelic venture capital fund striving to fund plant-based medicine startups from early-stage.

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